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Indian School of Astrology is 125 year old astrology research center.
Our center helps in finding perfect solution to your problems.

What is Astrology

Astrology is a science based upon the positions and movements of heavenly bodies and how they affect the lives of human beings. Astrology acts as a psycho treatment to a person who is going through a bad phase and feels lonely. The principles of Indian astrology are not only used in India, but are already put into practice in different parts of the world today. It has been found to be guiding factor in predicting birth, marital life, career, financial issues, health related issues, death and other.

Jyotish is the science of light, light of celestial bodies and the internal light of the soul. Vedic astrology uses extremely accurate astronomical calculations to determine the positions of the stars and the planets to predict the future of individuals as well as mundane affaires therefor jyotish is referred to as predictive astorology.


Astrologer is like a family doctor, If you treat him as friend, he will help you to solve all your problems.
Sometime a person faces many problems in his life. He tries many ways to solve it but unfortunately could not succeed in it. For this all you need is a proper guidance and proper solution like worship. The Indian School of Astrology is doing research on this aspect only. ISA never suggest costly things as remedies. It suggest worship,prayers etc! For that ASK OUR EXPERT.

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Our Services

Spiritual Astrology

It needs actions for acknowledgment of GOD, however no one has accomplished HIM with Efforts.


Astrology counselling for students, Pre wedding counselling,Marriage counselling


Numerology deals with definition and prediction and is as such allied to astrology, palmistry, physiognomy and other such branches.

Astrology Gemstones

Astrology Gemstones are generally referred as “bones of Mother Earth.” The stones are used in astrology since the dawn of recorded history, and probably long before that


Vastushastra essentiality can also be called the science of directions. All direction and your vastu give you the positive energy and keep you healthy and wealthy.

Astrology Classes

The study of Horoscope is an interesting divine science . We teach Importance of horoscope, predictive astrology as well as there effect and vibration of that divine science .

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